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The new Styletto from Signia is more than just a hearing aid — it’s high-tech, slim, and stylish. The world’s first slim receiver-in-the-canal (Slim RIC) hearing aid, Styletto transforms the look of hearing aids with a unique design you’ll want to show off.

Step out in style

A sharp design and sophisticated form, the graceful Styletto offers a comfortable fit that suits your busy lifestyle. You will feel the difference as soon as you slip a pair on.

Make a statement

With its iconic, jewel-like aesthetic, Styletto represents the industry’s first significant advancement in the design of wearable hearing technology in decades. Made to suit on-the-go wearers, Styletto combines exceptional style with the convenience of portable rechargeability and the clearest, most natural listening experience even in challenging environments.

Express your individual style by choosing one of three elegant color combinations: Dark Granite and Silver, Cosmic Blue and Rose Gold, or Snow White and Rose Gold.


Show your independence

Wherever you’re going, Styletto goes with you. And goes and goes — lasting all day on a full charge. Plus, its portable, easy-to-use charging case provides 19 hours of daily use*, a full charge in three hours, a 30-minute fast-charge options, and three full charges on the go. LED status indicators let you track the charging process. Simply put the hearing aids into the charger and they’ll automatically turn themselves off to charge, then remove them once charging is complete and they’ll turn themselves back on.

*up to 16 hours daily runtime after 2 years


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Hearing care tailored to your convenience

The myHearing™ App connects you to your hearing care professional remotely. You can receive instant help and advice, including live remote tuning to find the optimal settings for your hearing aids while you’re in real-world situations.



The myHearing App is available as a free download for both iOS® and Android™ devices via the App Store® or Google Play™. Your hearing care professional will typically help you download and install the app in their office so it is ready for use.


Convenience at your fingertips

Discreet and convenient, the touchControl™ App lets you change your hearing aids’ programs and settings remotely via your smartphone.

Or you can use the miniPocket™. Small enough to fit on a key chain, it’s the perfect companion for anyone without a smartphone.


The touchControl App is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store or Google Play.

“These have to be the coolest hearing aids I’ve ever seen.” – Dr. Cliff, AuD


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with lithium-ion rechargeability

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