With traditional hearing aids, hearing can go from easy to difficult as you move from quiet environments to acoustically more challenging places, like a loud restaurant. Signia Xperience hearing aid technology is designed to deliver the most natural and personalized sound in every situation — even when moving!

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“I could not be happier since I got my pair. They perform beyond all of my expectations.” – Dave Morter


Top 6 Benefits of Signia Xperience

  1. The world’s leading rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for an all-day charge in just 3-4 hours
  2. Direct connectivity to smartphones for phone call/audio streaming
  3. Own Voice Processing (OVP) for a natural overall experience that processes the wearer’s own voice apart from all others
  4. A free, easy-to-use smartphone app that puts the wearer in complete control of their Signia hearing aids
  5. Acoustic-motion sensors to measure more aspects of sound than ever before, including the wearer’s movement
  6. A sleek and nearly-invisible design that is IP68-rated to resist moisture, sweat, dust and dirt
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FACT: More than 90% of Signia Xperience wearers report a natural sound experience when in motion.*



Raves and Reviews

"It was an absolute epiphany!"

David Gellis, lead guitarist of Blood, Sweat and Tears, shares how Pure Charge&Go hearing aids help him perform better and enjoy life.