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Sleek, easily controlled. Effortless listening.

With a model to suit every hearing requirement, Motion® fits comfortably and discreetly behind your ear. Easy to adjust and control, it’s packed with functionality that lets you hear with ease all day long. Whatever the situation, you can simply relax and enjoy it.


Easy to use, comfortable to wear.

Robust enough to withstand the rigors of daily life, Motion is IP67-rated to resist moisture, dust, and dirt. A choice of earhook or ThinTube ensures maximum hearing and wearing comfort.

Enjoy life’s true sound.

Wherever there’s a high level of ambient noise — an open-plan office, a crowded store, or a busy restaurant — holding a conversation requires concentration and effort. Straining to hear voices in these situations is tiring, a fact that even people with normal hearing cannot deny.

Motion helps relieve this. Its advanced SPEECH function continuously monitors what you are listening to and singles out speech to reduce unwanted voices and background noise. You hear what you want, not the rest. As a result, hearing becomes effortless and less tiring than even normal hearing. All day long.


Celebrations with the family. And Motion.


Breakfast excitement.

Your niece and nephew are visiting. Around the breakfast table, they’re chatting excitedly about the day’s plans. Voices are bouncing around the kitchen, while forks and spoons clink in the background. Motion brings outstanding performance to the table to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Its advanced automatic SPEECH function singles out the speech while simultaneously engaging SoundSmoothing™ to reduce the distracting clatter of cutlery.

Thanks to Motion, you easily hear what matters. In fact, it makes hearing so effortless that all you have to think about is whether to have yogurt or cereal this morning. Or both.


Scoops of pleasure.

Outside the ice cream parlor, everyone is enjoying the breeze and watching traffic go by. With chatter all around, Motion rises to the challenge. Its automatic SPEECH function singles out speech while simultaneously engaging noise reduction and eWindScreen™ binaural to reduce wind noise and suppress the sound of cars, so that you hear every word clearly.

A joyful celebration.

At a lively gala, your discussion is one in a crowd of conversations, but Motion manages it superbly. When the party moves into a large ballroom, the chatter bounces around left, right, and center. As it echoes off the walls, Motion’s EchoShield program softens the reflected sound, so you can concentrate on enjoying the party.


Music fidelity you’ll really appreciate.

Motion’s HD Music program delivers outstanding sound quality specially created to let you fully enjoy music. Whether you’re listening to your favorite music at a concert, at home on your high-fidelity stereo, or even you’re the one on stage performing, HD Music offers an optimized and superb entertainment experience.

Please note:

Features may vary depending on the configuration of the individual hearing aid. Your hearing care professional will be happy to assist you.

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Don't miss a word - even with a deaf ear


For people who can only hear on one side, listening can be extremely strenuous in many daily situations. Understanding speech is particularly difficult in noisy surroundings and can be very exhausting. Signia CROS/BiCROS hearing aids offer an innovative solution for people with an hearing loss in one ear. Wireless technology helps them hear and understand every word again. In addition, it significantly reduces their listening effort.

People with a unilateral unaidable hearing loss are particularly challenged. Whether on the street, in the office, or talking with friends, sounds and voices are indistinct or not heard at all when they come from the “wrong” side. Constantly moving your head to try to hear better is strenuous and also not always an option, for example when driving. Above all, the ability to understand speech is severely limited. Our CROS Pure device that wirelessly transmits the signals from the ear with hearing loss to the other ear can help.


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Accessories for hearing aids.

Personalize your hearing experience.

Bringing the kids to school in the morning, meeting friends during your lunch break, watching TV in the evening. Every day is filled with different listening situations and conversations. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stream sound right into your ears, discreetly adjust your hearing aids, and easily recharge them?


Audio shoe

The optional integrated audio shoe on Motion SA provides direct audio input streamed from FM systems. This is especially helpful in noisy environments like classrooms.

Audio Streaming

easyTek. Technology that’s easy to use.

Transforming wireless hearing aids into a high-quality stereo headset is simple. The smart multi-function button lets you turn easyTek™ on and off, answer a phone call, change listening programs, or easily switch audio sources like music players, TVs, and more with just one button. The straightforward volume controls allow you to quickly change the volume of your hearing aids. And the easy-to-read LED lights give you important information, such as when it’s time to recharge the battery.

Audio streaming.

easyTek lets you connect your hearing aids to iPhones, iPads, Android devices and to any Bluetooth-enabled phones.

Accessories for easyTek

Following accessories are useful supplements for easyTek


Companion microphone: VoiceLink.

VoiceLink™ wirelessly connects to easyTek. When the microphone is given to a speaker, it directly streams their voice to your hearing aids — which is especially helpful in difficult listening situations like meetings.

easyTek App. More discretion, more convenience, more possibilities.

The easyTek™ App gives the easyTek even more functionality while adding the element of discretion.

Even exceeding the easyTek in features, the easyTek App lets you see the status of your hearing aids on your smartphone’s screen, stream sound from audio sources, or use it as a remote control. And because you can make all adjustments with your smartphone, changing your hearing aid settings simply looks like you’re checking a text message.


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Remote Controls

Taking the kids to school in the morning, meeting friends during your lunch break, watching TV in the evening: Every day is full of different listening situations and conversations. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stream sound right into your ears, discreetly adjust your hearing aids and easily recharge them?


Remote control: easyPocket.

The sleek easyPocket™ with its large, convenient buttons and an easy-to-read display makes controlling the features of your hearing aids easier than ever before.

touchControl App. Complete discretion in the palm of your hands.

Turn your smartphone into a discreet remote control for your hearing aids. The touchControl™ App lets you enjoy a high level of handling comfort right at your fingertips.

Change hearing programs and adjust the volume, bass, and treble to suit your needs. All you need is a smartphone.


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eCharger: Making life easy.

Ever run out of hearing aid batteries or lose power unexpectedly during a conversation? Annoying, isn’t it? Simplify things with the eCharger™.

The eCharger refreshes, recharges, and dehumidifies your rechargeable hearing aids overnight, letting you get on with your day with perfect hearing.

Signia has the most comprehensive line of hearing aids with built-in rechargeability – just place them in our eCharger overnight and you are ready to go all day.

Our rechargeable primax hearing aids offer advanced features that enable you to hear better in noisy situations like busy restaurants and cocktail parties.

Powerful benefits.


Your rechargeable hearing aids reduce battery waste by using roughly one pair of batteries per year instead of nearly 52 batteries or more. No more frequent battery changes!



The eCharger refreshes, dehumidifies, and recharges your hearing aids overnight for maximum performance every day – up to 18 hours of daily use.



After six hours of charging, the eCharger’s indicator light tells you your hearing aids are ready to go for your busy day.


Car adapter — your eCharger goes mobile.

The optional car adapter lets you take your eCharger with you even when you’re on the road, so you can top off your hearing aid batteries wherever you go.



Relief is at hand.

Our hearing aids provide welcome relief for tinnitus sufferers. Ask your hearing care professional which solution is best for you.

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