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CROS Pure 312 Nx

A natural hearing experience for CROS wearers with the convenience of direct streaming.

Signia’s elegant new CROS Pure® 312 is the ideal solution if you’re a hearing aid wearer with unaidable hearing loss in one ear. It provides the highest sound quality and top Bluetooth® connectivity in a small, discreet design. It also delivers the most natural sounding own voice if you have aidable hearing loss in one ear and unaidable hearing loss in the other ear.

Understanding what people are saying in noisy situations, such as family gatherings and conferences, is a breeze thanks to CROS Pure 312’s sophisticated sound detection and processing.

Even with its discreet size, CROS Pure 312 is the first CROS accessory that supports direct streaming of music and phone calls to your hearing aid without the need for an intermediary device. It is also fully compatible with our myControl™ App for convenient remote control and more.


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