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The world's leading rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aids with Bluetooth technology from Signia

Signia hearing aids deliver the sound that nature intended.

When you lose your hearing, it restricts your natural listening experience. Now you can improve your hearing a remarkable amount — and even preserve the familiar sound of your natural own voice — thanks to our new Signia hearing aids with Own Voice Processing (OVP™).

These elegant state-of-the-art solutions replicate the natural experience of hearing everything in harmony. They also offer direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV audio via Bluetooth®. And the revolutionary myHearing™ App serves as the hearing care professional at your fingertips for access to the best service anywhere.



Signia Nx hearing aids

Signia Nx Hearing Aids - Replicating Nature

Apps & Accessories

Personalize your hearing experience.

myHearing App

The hearing care professional at your fingertips.

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