Act Now During Better Hearing Month...

...and get a $100 rebate from Signia

May is Better Hearing Month. What better time to make that appointment to have your hearing tested?

Here is some extra motivation – a $100 rebate. It’s our way of saying we care about your hearing health and want you to do something about it, so you can enjoy all the sounds that enrich life to its fullest.


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Siemens Hearing Aids are now Signia

One in four hearing aids worn are Signia

While our name has changed, we will continue to build on our 130 year Siemens heritage of valuing technological innovation and quality, along with dedication to improving the lives of people with hearing loss. You can feel confident in our new brand knowing one in four hearing aids in the world is a Signia hearing aid.


Hear better with less effort.

With primax, we’re launching a new chapter in hearing solutions that are clinically-proven to provide better than normal hearing with less listening effort in challenging environments like noisy restaurants or at cocktail parties.* These high-tech devices are almost invisible, highly automated, and adapt to your preferences. primax hearing aids offer the following benefits to wearers:

  • Discreet and fashionable
  • Smart and powerful
  • Single out speech you want to hear while reducing extraneous noise and extraneous voices
  • Deliver outstanding music sound quality in high definition
  • Easy to control right from your smartphone

With primax, you’ll hear better with less effort when with family, at work, and at play.

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