Mat Hench is an experienced Signia hearing aid wearer and YouTuber on a mission to fight the stigma of hearing aids. Through his videos, he encourages people to get the hearing help they need – all with a comical approach. Mat’s previous video, “If We Treated Glasses Like Hearing Aids” went viral, and now he’s back with a new one!

In his latest video “No Hearing Aids? What’s the worst that could happen…” Mat shows what can happen by not wearing his hearing aids – from simple misunderstandings to potentially dangerous situations (don’t worry, he’s fine!). He also demonstrates all the groundbreaking features of his new Styletto X hearing aids: acoustic-motion sensors, wireless charging, and two new solutions to address the current Covid-19 reality.

Watch Mat’s video here, and then fill out the quick form below to enter the Styletto X Challenge for your chance to win a pair of Signia’s most advanced hearing aids yet!

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