"My Hearing Aids Are So Cool" - Olivia, age 12

Olivia has lived with hearing loss for most of her life, but hearing aids have helped her succeed at everything from sports to music and even theater! Learn why she thinks Styletto Connect was the perfect fit for her first adult pair of hearing aids below:

“My mom says we didn’t really catch on to my hearing loss until I was in kindergarten.

But looking back, there were clues. When I would talk on the phone, I always wanted to put the call on speaker. I also used to speak pretty loudly because I could not hear the sound of my voice very well. Sometimes it seemed more like I was yelling than talking! I’d also say the names of my friends wrong – just a little bit off.

My doctor referred me for a hearing test. I was born with a cleft palate, but the doctors aren’t really sure what caused my hearing loss. I was fitted for my first hearing aids when I was six. My mom made it really fun – we got rainbow, glitter, tie-dyed ones.

A new, grownup pair of hearing aids

Now that I’m older and in middle school, I needed new hearing aids. My friends know about my hearing loss, but I still wanted something more hidden and less noticeable. I got Styletto Connects and I love them. The whole shape of it is really cool. There were so many pretty options, like rose gold, but I just chose black because it blends in with my brown hair.

With my new hearing aids, I have been able to hear better at school and pay attention and not say “what?” all the time. In my spare time, I like to play soccer and basketball and swim and play with my brother. But my favorite hobbies are theater and music. I study piano and I like to sing and act. I was in a production of Mary Poppins Junior and I like singing the part of Elphaba from Wicked. It’s a cool part because you get to know the story behind The Wizard of Oz story.

With the Styletto Connect hearing aids, I feel I am able to hit notes better and I’m not off-key as much. With my piano playing, I understand the notes better and I am more clear.

I was definitely surprised by the Bluetooth function. I love that you can control the settings through your phone. I get up in the morning and slip them on – it’s that easy. With my old hearing aids, it was hard to change the batteries, but the Styletto Connect’s charger makes it so much easier. It took a little time to get used to them, but they are very comfortable.

Living her best life

The Styletto Connect makes my everyday life easier. I was like, wow, this is so different!

My audiologist Dr. Cielesz is really nice. She actually wears a hearing aid as well. She is amazing. She is someone I look up to and respect.

Now I joke around with my cousin about my hearing devices. We argue over which is cooler, his ear pods, or my hearing aids. I love my Styletto Connects – I think they’re much cooler!”

Back-to-school season is here—does your child's hearing make the grade?

Does your child sometimes have difficulty following instructions or appear more isolated than their peers? If so, hearing loss could be to blame.

If you suspect your child has hearing loss, we urge you to contact a hearing care professional in your area to schedule a hearing test. You can quickly sign up to begin your Signia technology trial by filling out our brief form. A representative will pair you with a local Signia specialist who can help determine the next steps for your child. Left untreated, a hearing loss could have serious consequences on a child’s development and education, so reach out today!

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Does your child sometimes have difficulty following instructions or appear more isolated than their peers? If so, hearing loss could be to blame.

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