Music is Steven Rosenhaus’ life.  An Adjunct Professor of Composition at NYU’s Steinhart Music and Performing Arts, Steven’s music has been performed throughout the world. Native New Yorker Steven also works as a “show doctor” for musicals produced on- and off-Broadway.

Hearing is important in his profession. When he was 14, Steven had an accident that damaged the cochlea in his right ear, cutting out all of the mid-range. Five years ago he developed tinnitus in his left ear. Finally, Steven decided to address his hearing issues in 2016.

“It was all very easy – a half hour initial fitting and an hour to adjust when the hearing aids came in,” says Steven.  “They fit me with a hearing aid that is lightweight, discreet and full of fantastic features that allow for effortless hearing.”

Steven now finds it easier to hear people, even in noisy environments.  “When I conduct,” Steven says, “I now hear certain things that I was not able to hear before.  I can discern when someone is flat or sharp or early or late – that kind of thing.  Basically, I’m able to pay better attention to the details as I go.”

Steven has tinnitus, a common affliction that causes him to hear noise with no external source (e.g., ringing in the ears).  It can be debilitating for many people, but especially for someone whose livelihood depends on hearing. He has found that his Signia hearing aids have reduced his tinnitus.

“Music is my life, so hearing is critical for me,” says Steven.  “My Signia Pure® hearing aids make the details stand out. Now, instead of straining to hear I can focus on the music.”

Steven’s only regret?  “I just wish I hadn’t waited so long.”