Robert Seidler is a filmmaker based in Sopchoppy, Florida.  Robert is also an avid cyclist. He found that cycling created a special “Zen-like” environment where he could discuss projects with clients and talk about life’s important issues with his friends and family. However, as Robert’s hearing declined, this special environment fell silent. He became increasingly depressed and withdrawn, and described the loss of his creative outlet as “a profound a loss as a death.”

Robert’s family and friends were sympathetic to his grief, but also frustrated that he wouldn’t seek treatment. Then an opportunity arose — Robert entered Signia’s It’s Your Choice video series recruitment process, and to his delight, he was selected as one of the featured participants.

Robert met with a hearing care professional in Panama City Beach. She diagnosed him as having a binaural, symmetrical high-frequency loss that was affecting his ability to comprehend speech, especially in noise. She fitted him with a pair of Signia hearing aids and he heard the difference immediately.

Excited to test out his new devices, Robert immediately went out on a bike ride. He discovered he could hold conversations with ease again despite the wind and other environmental noise. “Last time I heard like today, I was in my 20s. I’m 65 now. This is much more than a big deal.” Robert said. “Pretty magical… pretty magical.”


Watch Robert’s tale, along with our two other It’s Your Choice participants’ stories, at www.signiausa.com/itsyourchoice.