Over the years I have had gradual hearing loss, perhaps due to a number of causes. Conversations were harder to understand, be it in person or on the phone. Music seemed to become less audible, and harder to appreciate.

As the captain of the oldest active American racing yacht, I have to hear my crew clearly in all conditions. There are so many aspects of sailing and racing that need quick decisions and action. Balance is also critically important aboard tilting decks with over a mile of line aboard to step around without incident.

I wanted to start with the best hearing aids possible, and that is why I chose the Signia brand [Pure® primax™]. As I started to use them, I noticed that my hearing improved, and just got better and better. The Spatial Configurator program on my smart phone is great and very simple to use. I find it very helpful in many different settings for a wide variety of occasions.

Another great feature is the rechargeable batteries. Not having to change the batteries frequently is wonderful, because I have large hands with a size 16 ring finger. I also like the rocker switch on top of each unit that allows me to increase or decrease the volume, which adjust both ears with the touch of either switch. And no one knows that I am wearing them, which I like.

Overall, I am very pleased with my new Signia hearing aids. They help make my life safer, and more fulfilled. I also love the natural world, and can hear clearly the songbirds singing to me daily.

Capt. Rick Carrion