I am a 69 year old pilot, engineer, and ham radio operator who has suffered from hearing loss for a very long time.

I started looking at hearing aids about 5 years ago. None of the brands impressed me, nor did the Audiologist who offered them.

About 3 weeks ago I got a card for a free information seminar and lunch to tell people like me about the Signia line of hearing aids. The seminar and Dr. McGuire’s office are both close to me, so I went.

I looked at the technical specs on the devices and was impressed. I got an appointment that same afternoon and after talking to Dr. McGuire, and trying the Cellion devices, I placed an order.

I could not be happier since I got the pair. They perform beyond all of my expectations. They work well in my amateur radio environment, they are versatile, and best of all, no tiny batteries to replace.

As for Dr. McGuire, she is a veritable fountain of knowledge and patience! I had many technical questions, and she took these in stride, answering all to my satisfaction!

I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. I would recommend her and the Cellion line from Signia to anyone suffering as I did.