Connie Barajas has dealt with hearing loss for most of her life. An eardrum replacement and several surgeries in her early twenties left her without any hearing in her left ear. As a result, she developed a habit of turning her head to use her right ear to listen. That is, until she started to notice the hearing in her right ear was also failing.

Eventually, Connie decided to take steps to begin hearing again and visited Joe Dobrik at Rivers Ear Group in Downey, California. To address the moderate hearing loss in her right ear and complete loss in her left, Joe fit her with the powerful and discreet Signia Pure® primax™ and the wireless BiCROS, which is designed for people with complete hearing loss in one ear and provides the combined sound from both devices into the better ear.

“This is the first time I’ve worn hearing aids, and I can’t believe I went without them for all of these years,” says Connie. “I don’t play with the settings at all and they work well in every situation, plus I now feel like I can hear out of both ears. People can talk on my left side and it’s been wonderful.”

By addressing her hearing loss, Connie explained she can continue her busy life, which includes regular church work and volunteer activities.  She belongs to a group that raises money and sends clothing to Africa, where she has had the chance to visit twice.  “People don’t even notice that I have hearing aids unless I tell them,” she says.

“We’re excited about the BiCROS technology as well,” added Joe. “As a hearing care provider, I love the Signia product. We have fit BiCROS products before, but this was the first wireless BiCROS product we’ve tried. We’re ecstatic about how well they perform and Connie loves them, too!  We follow up very closely with our patients to make sure that they are hearing well. Most patients tell us with this advanced technology the hearing aids adjust themselves.”

“I don’t play with them at all, and I can finally hear well in a large group,” says Connie. “Hearing again ― it’s like night and day.”