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The "It’s Your Choice" series follows the emotional journey of three individuals who have suffered for years with hearing loss as they discover the joy of hearing again.

Hearing loss has a profound impact on those who have it and the people they love.

Those with hearing loss wait an average of nearly seven years to address it. Taking the first step takes courage and is not always easy. Regardless of the reasons for your hesitation, you are not alone.

Watch Harvey, Danyell, and Robert as they address hearing loss and discover the joy of hearing again.

Hearing connects us to our world. For most, it provides a window to everything that makes us human — humor, tenderness, anger, joy, despair. When hearing is impaired, our lives are impaired. Relationships suffer, work suffers, and we often become depressed.

More than 320 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, but the problem also affects the friends and family of those afflicted. There is help. But, it’s your choice.

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