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Signia Made for iPhone® hearing aids connect directly to your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® so you can stream your phone calls and music directly into your hearing aids. With an easy pairing, intuitive usage, and high energy efficiency via special Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol, your hearing aids become wireless stereo headphones.

Made for iPhone hearing aids can help you hear audio streamed from your iOS® devices more clearly. Learn how to pair your hearing aids, control them, and more.

List of Apple devices compatible with Made for iPhone hearing aids

Enjoy direct streaming of phone calls and music

Stream your favorite show tunes straight into your ears, take a Skype call with just one click, or hear the fastest route to the most famous sights from your navigation app—all you need is a smartphone.

Our new hearing aids offer you supreme connectivity for audio streaming from various sources and remote control via the myControl™ App—all at your fingertips.

Connect to the ease of control.



Stream phone calls directly from your Apple smartphone (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android™ smartphone) to your hearing aids for complete convenience.



Listen to your favorite music streamed directly into your hearing aids from your Apple device (and with StreamLine Mic from your Android device) for an outstanding sound experience.

Learn more about StreamLine Mic


With StreamLine TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids. You can even start streaming and adjust the volume by using myControl App.

Learn more about StreamLine TV

Remote control

The myControl App lets you change your hearing aid’s settings remotely and personalize your hearing aids to suit your individual preferences.

And if you don’t have a smartphone, the miniPocket™ also provides highly convenient remote control.

Learn more about the myControl App

Please note: Features may vary depending on the configuration of the individual hearing aid. Your hearing care professional will be happy to assist you.

Direct Streaming FAQs