Tune Out Tinnitus

Relaxing while listening to an audio book, reading a novel or watching a movie. As people who live with the torment of tinnitus know all too well, these usually enjoyable pastimes are often difficult to enjoy because of the persistent noise in their ears.

When tinnitus (swooshing, buzzing, ringing, or similar noise) is constantly in your ears and on your mind, it is hard to concentrate, relax, or fall asleep. Your work performance is also likely to suffer, along with your quality of life.

Your peace of mind comes first

The type and extent of tinnitus varies significantly from person to person. Some live with it all their lives and are only mildly annoyed on occasion, while others find it so overwhelming they can barely function. That is why the latest Signia hearing aids feature not just one generic treatment, but three distinct strategies for countering tinnitus. These integrated tinnitus therapies help ease the symptoms for most sufferers:

  • Static noise: a selection of static sounds that distract from tinnitus
  • Ocean wave: four soothing sounds to distract as well as relax
  • New Notch Therapy: tinnitus sound is filtered out and integrated into the background noise, so it is virtually hidden by ambient sounds

Let annoying noises simply disappear

Our hearing aids are the only ones with built-in Notch Therapy, which eliminates your focus on the disruptive noise and “trains” your brain to ignore the sound. Clinical studies prove that this form of treatment can be highly effective for people with tonal tinnitus, the most common form of the condition.*

Contact your local hearing care professional to experience Signia’s unique tinnitus therapies and enjoy the peace and quiet again.

* Powers, L., dos Santos, G.M., & Jons, C. (2016, September). Notch Therapy: A new approach to tinnitus treatment. AudiologyOnline, Article 18365.