TrustedNerd Reviews Signia Pure primax

A couple of weeks ago, we showcased a review of Insio™ and Pure® primax from SlashGear.com. But that’s not the only independent review praising our latest hearing aids. Johnathan Yaniv at TrustedNerd.com is another widely-popular technology reviewer who tried out Signia Pure® primax™ extensively and reported his experiences in a series of articles.

After his first day of wearing them, he wrote, “Before using the Signia primax, I didn’t know how much of the conversation I was missing. With the Signia’s primax mind-blowing feature called SpeechMaster along with their spatial configuration, I am able to key in on that person and catch all of those elements that I might have missed previously. Conversations are clear as day with the Signia primax and I’m excited to continue using the Signia primax.”

At a busy conference, he reported,”In loud environments such as the receptions, I can easily use my easyTek™ device or the easyTek™ App to quickly configure the Signia primax Pure so it’s not picking up all the background noise of people chatting.”

He even tried out primax at 36,000 ft above ground. “Now when it came to the plane ride to Vegas, I was in pure joy. You see, the Signia Pure primax can stream the highest quality HD sounding music I have ever heard!”

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