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Treating Single-Sided Deafness

Whether caused by childhood illness, exposure to loud noise, or a genetic condition, 60,000 Americans develop single-sided deafness (SSD) each year, leaving them unable to hear from one of their ears. While there is no cure for this condition, there are still ways to help.

New technology to address SSD

That’s where Signia’s CROS and BiCROS solutions come in. How does this technology work? Let’s say you are deaf in your left ear but hear well in your right ear. With the CROS system, you would wear a transmitter that looks like a regular hearing aid on the left ear, which picks up sounds on your left side. The sounds are then transferred in real time to a hearing aid in your right ear, enabling you to hear what you would otherwise miss.Description of CROS hearing aid technology

Now let’s say you are deaf in your left ear and have some degree of hearing loss in your right ear. In this case, you’d be fitted with a BiCROS system. This setup is similar to the CROS system, but the hearing aid in the right ear will amplify the transmitted sound from the left ear, in addition to the sounds from the right.

Description of BiCROS hearing aid technology


Signia’s CROS solutions

Signia strives to create hearing aids to meet a wide range of hearing needs, including for those with SSD. That’s why we offer the industry’s widest range of CROS and BiCROS devices – including the introduction of several first-of-their-kind innovations to match the needs and preferences of anyone with SSD.

  • CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx – The world’s first rechargeable CROS device to offer direct Bluetooth® streaming and Own Voice Processing (OVP™) for a natural sounding own voice.
  • CROS Pure 312 Nx – Also offering OVP, CROS Pure 312 is the world’s first CROS solution with direct streaming – all in a small, elegant housing.
  • CROS Silk Nx – With CROS Silk Nx, Signia offers yet another world’s first – a discreet, ready-to-wear CROS device so tiny it fits inside the ear.

If you have total hearing loss in one ear and want to benefit from our technology, your first step is to find a hearing care professional nearby. They’ll evaluate your hearing and recommend the best CROS solution for you.

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