From getting the most from your devices to protecting your hearing health, Signia explores the most useful apps for those with hearing loss.

Top 5 Apps for Hearing Loss

While modern hearing aids dramatically change the lives of those with hearing loss, there are many apps that can further help. From getting the most from your devices to protecting your hearing health, learn more about the most useful apps for hearing loss.

Modern hearing aids have dramatically changed the lives of those with hearing loss, as these high-tech devices enable you to hear better in any situation. There are also many apps designed to further help those with hearing loss, from getting the most from your devices to protecting your hearing health and finding new ways to communicate with others.

Which are the most helpful apps if you have hearing loss? Consider these five options:

1. Signia’s myControl App

With this app, your smartphone becomes a remote control for your hearing aids, letting you personalize and adjust your compatible Signia devices. More than adjusting volume, the myControl App enables you to steer your hearing aids’ microphones and switch between different programs. It also relays motion sensor data from your phone to your hearing aids, so you can hear clearly even when on the move.

2. Captionfish

If you love movies but hearing loss makes it difficult to understand dialog, Captionfish can help. The Captionfish mobile site lists hearing-friendly movie theaters nearby, and lets you know whether they use open captioning (in which the text is on screen for everyone) or closed captioning (captions are viewed by those with hearing loss through special equipment). Captionfish also provides captioned movie trailers.

3. Signia’s myHearing App

If you have a pair of Signia hearing aids, the myHearing App can help you adjust to your new devices and ensure you have the best experience possible. The app provides guidance on how to use your hearing aids, while rating their performance in different settings. You can also find answers to commonly asked questions. As another benefit, instead of traveling to your hearing care professional’s office, you can schedule a virtual appointment to address any questions or issues you may have, and to have your hearing aids fine-tuned remotely.

4. Decibel X

While excessive noise and loud environments can threaten your hearing, it’s not always easy to tell when a situation is too loud. The Decibel X app solves this challenge by analyzing the sounds around you so you can know if you’re putting your hearing at risk. The app will present a graph on your phone to show the current noise level, and it will continually update so you’ll know when you’ve reached a safer area.

5. Purple Communications VRS

The Purple Communications video relay service app is great if you communicate primarily through sign language. It helps you make voice phone calls using American Sign Language. With the use of a video phone, you can sign to a qualified interpreter, who then translates the message into English for the other person on the call. The interpreter will then relay the spoken response back to you in ASL.