Signia hearing aids introduces its Power Range of super power hearing aids for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

The Sound of Power: Real Choice for People with Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

If you have severe to profound hearing loss, you likely depend on your hearing aids completely. Our new Power Range offers a world of choice like you've never experienced before.

If you have severe to profound hearing loss, you’re likely completely dependent on your hearing aids. Without exceptionally powerful devices, you would be cut off acoustically from family, friends, and work colleagues. That’s why we offer a broad a selection of super power hearing aids to suit your unique lifestyle and tastes without compromising on the power of better hearing.

An extra powerful story.

Elizabeth* looks at her reflection. “I love it,” she exclaims. What a difference a new haircut makes!

Her hairdresser always said that short hair would suit Elizabeth’s sporty lifestyle, but she had simply not wanted to try it before today. Due to severe hearing loss, she has to wear hearing aids that provide high amplification, which in the past meant they were large and noticeable. She could easily hide them with her longer hair and did so, not wanting others to focus on her hearing loss rather than her athletic ability.

Then, during her previous visit to the salon, her hairdresser shared, “Another customer of mine just got new hearing aids you can hardly see. She is also very hard of hearing and was really excited about how far the technology has advanced in recent years.”

Elizabeth was skeptical, but curious. Would these new hearing aid options work for her, too? A few days later, she made an appointment with her hearing care professional.

At long last — choices.

Elizabeth was genuinely surprised during her visit, as she had secretly expected to be offered only one type of hearing aid given her significant hearing loss. But the hearing care professional actually presented her with a whole range of suitable devices from Signia.

She was given the choice between two behind-the-ear hearing aids — the same style she’d always worn — except these models, the Motion® P and Motion SP, were much smaller. However, she found the receiver-in-canal devices presented next even more interesting. Her HCP explained that because their speakers sit directly in the ear canal and connect to the hearing aid via a tiny sound tube behind the ear, they could be small and discreet while still providing all the power she required.

Again, Elizabeth was given the choice between two models: Carat™ or Cellion™. She ultimately decided on the Cellion hearing aids, because their inductive charging function meant she only had to place her hearing aids in a small charger at night in order to fully recharge them for up to 24 hours.

Smaller, lighter, and yet full of new features.

Armed with her new hairstyle and new hearing aids, Elizabeth grabs her purse and heads out for the day. Her HCP said she should be able to hear everything easily and effortlessly in all daily situations, including noisy environments, so she’s excited to put the sophisticated technology to the test.

Elizabeth’s day begins when she meets her friend for coffee in their favorite, busy café. Afterward, they go shopping, and at night attend a rock concert. Happily, at each venue, Elizabeth finds she can hear and understand her friend clearly, even in rooms with a lot of echo or outside walking in the wind. And the HD Music program in her hearing aids allows her to enjoy every note of the concert like never before.

New Power Range offers a world of choice.

Our Power Range of hearing aids delivers long run-times and the best possible speech comprehension in noisy environments, such as restaurants and parties. With super power hearing aids, you can maintain an active lifestyle despite the challenges posed by significant hearing loss, without having to compromise on comfort or discretion.

Our Power Range includes the following benefits:

  • Smaller than ever for complete discretion in treating severe to the most profound hearing loss
  • Superb speech intelligibility
  • Long-lasting battery power, including rechargeable options
  • Wireless connectivity for audio streaming and remote control via handy accessories
  • myHearing™ App compatible to provide you with all the support tools you need for a quick, successful trial of your new hearing aids

Ready to give them a try? Contact your hearing care professional today!

*We invented Elizabeth for storytelling reasons but the situations depicted could occur as explained in real life.