Active people like dance instructors share their passion with others, and hearing aids shouldn't hold them back – they should offer style and better hearing like Signia Styletto.

Styletto Lifestyles: The Dance Instructor

Adventurous people want more than the ability to hear. Crystal clear sound and a natural-sounding voice are just two necessities, and they need a rechargeable hearing aid that can keep up with their lifestyle. If you were like dance instructor Jade, you would enjoy all three.

Jade has been dancing her entire life, and she doesn’t plan on letting hearing loss hold her back. She’s dedicated to the art of dance and teaching others to express themselves through movement. However, it can be hard to teach when she’s self-conscious about her own appearance and voice.

If you were an active, fun-loving dance instructor like Jade, the new Styletto hearing aids from Signia would be the ideal solution. With Own Voice Processing and a stylish new design, Jade can do more than just hear. She can be confident, active, and completely in control.

Achieving style

In a career where you’re the center of attention, it’s important to feel confident in how you look. Jade’s students turn to her for guidance on how they should move, hold themselves, and dance to the beat. Because of this, she needs a pair of hearing aids she can feel confident wearing.

Styletto is a revolutionary piece of hearing technology that offers a refined look to its wearers. Easily hidden behind the ear, it is nearly invisible at first glance. Even when people get a closer look, it appears more like a piece of consumer technology than a hearing aid due to its unique, slim-line design. Available in three modern color combinations, wearers can choose a design that fits their tastes.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable with their appearance, and Styletto offers this to discerning people with hearing loss like Jade.

Keeping up with the beat

If you are as driven to perform at your best as Jade is, you need something that will keep up with your active lifestyle. Jade is constantly moving, so she can’t be held back by batteries and charging cords. Luckily, Styletto was designed with convenient handling in mind. The lithium-ion batteries make rechargeability a reality, and the portable charging case allows her to keep moving freely. Combined with the charging case, Styletto lasts up to four days without Jade having to go anywhere near an outlet.

Enjoying your soundscape

Being hard of hearing doesn’t mean you have to settle for sub-par sound. With Styletto, Jade is able to enjoy a crystal-clear, fully dynamic soundscape. Music, voices, and environmental sounds are all expertly processed to give her the most even, natural sound hearing aids can achieve. Even the sound of her own voice is better than ever.

Before, Jade had trouble accepting the sound of her own voice through her old hearing aids. She was used to hearing herself speak a certain way, and the hearing aids made her voice sound muffled. Her new hearing aids come equipped with Own Voice Processing, or OVP™ technology. OVP scans and separates her voice from the rest of the sounds she hears. From there, it’s processed independently for a more natural-sounding own voice.

With such cutting-edge audiological performance, Styletto helps Jade to hear better again. She can teach her classes, talk to her friends, and lead the life she wants to live.

Hearing loss shouldn’t diminish your self-confidence and social life. The revolutionary Styletto hearing aids from Signia can help you adapt and enjoy the world around you like Jade does.

You can find more information on our Styletto product page and find your nearest hearing care professional with our online store finder.