What is a Super Power Hearing Aid?

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that modern hearing aids are smarter and more sophisticated than ever before. But have you ever wondered why sometimes you see hearing aids described as power or super power? Read on to find out why.

It’s all about loudness

While we do think the fact that Signia hearing aids can give you better than normal hearing in noisy situations is pretty much a “superpower,” this is not the traditional definition of a super power hearing aid. Instead, when hearing care professionals talk about a power or super power aid, they are referring to a hearing aid that can provide enough amplification to fit individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. In order to be loud enough, these hearing aids typically use a larger receiver and battery, and are generally slightly bigger than hearing aids used for milder hearing losses.

Dedicated features for super power wearers

Beyond simple amplification, if you have more severe hearing loss, you also have different listening needs and preferences. For example, if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, you may be able to use the phone simply by relying on your hearing aid to amplify speech coming from the phone receiver. However, if you have worse hearing loss, you might require a special hearing aid program to make phone conversations easier to follow. Louder hearing aids are also more likely to whistle or feedback when something comes close to them, such as when you hug someone or put on a hat. Power and super power hearing aids need to have even more effective feedback suppression to provide a comfortable (and embarrassment-free) listening experience.

Super power kids

Oftentimes, the wearers of power and super power aids are kids and teens born with significant hearing loss or who acquired it early on in life. These hearing aids are also designed to fit their lifestyles and needs. For example, power hearing aids need to be compatible with FM (frequency modulated) systems that kids with hearing loss typically use to hear better in classrooms. Many of these hearing aids also come with optional safety features like battery door and control locks, so that when fit to very young children, kids aren’t able to tamper with their settings and batteries.

Motion P is the newest super power on the block

Motion® P primax™ is our latest super power hearing aid. Inside and out, it is designed to meet the needs of patients with severe to profound hearing loss. It features a t-coil and FM compatibility, and can be remotely controlled via your smartphone or the new miniPocket™ accessory that attaches to your key chain. It is IP67-rated for dirt, sweat, and water-resistance so it can withstand the active lifestyle of kids and sports lovers alike. And of course Motion P features our primax technology, which is clinically proven to improve speech understanding with less listening effort.

Super powerful, right?