With a unique shape, high-quality materials, and modern colors, Styletto Connect breaks the mold of what a hearing aid can be, winning a Red Dot Award for Product Design.


Styletto Connect: Signia’s Newest Award-Winning Hearing Aid Design

With a unique shape, high-quality materials, and modern colors, Styletto Connect breaks the mold of what a hearing aid can be, winning a Red Dot Award for Product Design.

When thinking about products with cutting-edge design, hearing aids are unlikely to be at the top of your list. But Signia’s new rechargeable Styletto Connect hearing aids just received a Red Dot Award for Product Design – one of the most prestigious awards for consumer products – putting Signia in the same category as other recent Red Dot winners like Apple, Dell, and KitchenAid. This accolade follows Styletto Connect’s recent Gold Award win in the iF Design Awards 2019, another high-profile award recognizing products with outstanding design.

With Styletto Connect, Signia has created devices with a sleek shape and modern colors that look nothing like the traditional hearing aid. Styletto Connect has already received rave reviews from consumers and hearing care professionals alike – and with these recent awards, the larger design world has taken notice, too.

Step out in style

Personal style is a big factor when we choose our accessories. From head to toe, we dress and accessorize according to our unique preferences – and that extends to items like glasses. Think about how glasses have evolved from corrective medical device to stylish fashion statement. Isn’t it time for hearing aids to stop being seen as a stigma or burden, and instead as something you can feel proud to wear?

As recognized by its Red Dot Design Award, the graceful lines, refined fit, and top-quality materials of Styletto Connect mean you feel the difference as soon as you wear it. You can express your individual style by choosing one of three elegant color combinations: Black and Silver, Cosmic Blue and Rose Gold, or Snow White and Rose Gold.

Exceptional design meets high-tech hearing

While Styletto Connect’s shape and colors set it apart, it has a lot to offer beyond design. Along with their modern look, they provide the advanced technology to support a modern lifestyle.

Equipped with connectivity, you can stream phone calls, music, and TV sound directly to your ears. With portable rechargeability, you can use Styletto Connect’s charging case to keep them powered for four full days without having to plug in. They also provide you with superior hearing in noisy environments, and even help you hear your own voice as naturally as possible.

The award-winning Styletto Connect hearing aids combine all these advantages with a powerful aesthetic vision to create a beautiful product. To try out Styletto Connect for yourself, find your nearest hearing care professional with our store locator.

If you think that you might have hearing loss, our online hearing test can give you a first indication whether to visit a hearing care professional for advice and support.

More about the Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award, which dates back to 1955, recognizes the best-designed products every year. The jury’s motto is “in search of good design and innovation.” The judging criteria include, among others, degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability, and ecological compatibility.