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Marine Veteran Darius Wells: "We Only Get One Set of Ears"

Former Marine Darius Wells was left with hearing loss following two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Thanks to the new Styletto Connect slim-line hearing aid from Signia, he can now follow his dream career as a model in style.

The risk of sustaining hearing loss was not Darius Wells’ main concern when he served as a US Marine, braving two tours of duty in Afghanistan before his release from active military service in 2012.

“After two combat tours to Afghanistan and numerous times spent on the rifle range without wearing hearing protection, I didn’t realize how important taking care of my hearing was at such a young age,” he says.

Sound advice with the benefit of hindsight. But for Darius, his hearing loss was a cause for concern as he embarked on a challenging new career in TV. “After I left the Marines, where I was in communications, I started working in video production,” he explains.

Thanks to his charismatic combination of good looks, discipline, and athleticism, Darius quickly found himself in a different role again. “People started saying to me that I should be in front of the camera. Modeling? I was a Marine. I never thought about something like that. But the pay was like, wow!”

Facing the dilemma of hearing loss

Darius’ new life was not as perfect as it might have seemed due to the hearing loss that many brave men and women experience as a result of military service. Hearing the instructions of a photographer or director clearly might not as serious a matter as hearing your commanding officer’s orders in hostile territory, but it sure can deal a blow to your career hopes. “The thing was, I was worried about my hearing loss from when I was in the Marines,” Darius says. “That could have been a real problem.”

A major reason for his dilemma was that like the majority of people with hearing loss, traditional hearing aids with their instantly recognizable bulb-like shape just did not match this debonair young man’s self-image. How could he be the fashionable face of clothing and consumer brands while wearing a pair of hearing aids that he associated with someone at least twice his age?

More than just a hearing aid

A solution presented itself when Darius was introduced to Signia through his modeling work. Seeing the new Styletto Connect hearing aids with their sleek, unique design plus their handy pocket-sized charging case for charging-on-the-go wherever his work takes him, was the start of a great partnership.

The slim-line design makes this rechargeable device look like a cool piece of wearable tech rather than conventional hearing aids. It matches his smartphone in style and functionality. And on the inside, it packs a lot of high-tech features. It doesn’t just deliver the most natural hearing experience and clear speech comprehension even in noisy situations like a fashion show or dinner party. It also has Bluetooth® so Darius can play his phone calls, music, and even the sound from his TV when he’s unwinding at home straight into his Styletto Connect hearing aids.

By offering a stylish design that not only acts as a hearing aid but also high-tech earbuds, Signia has convinced Darius to look after his hearing here and now. Armed with Styletto Connect and its charging case, he can hear every word the photographer says to him, even when a long working day turns into night.

“Signia, thank you for giving me the platform to share my story,” he concludes. “We only get one set of ears, guys, so make sure that you take care of them!” Yes, sir.

Learn more about our unique Styletto Connect hearing aids here on our website!

To see more of Darius and his modeling work, visit his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/itsdariuswells/

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