A Stunning Piece of Tech: Joe’s Geek Fest Reviews Pure 13 Nx

Joe Frazier, the namesake blogger of Joe’s Geek Fest, was recently fitted with Signia’s Pure® 13 Nx hearing aids. As Joe has moderate hearing loss and previously wore our Pure primax hearing aids, he was eager to try out our newest technology—and was thoroughly impressed with all that our hearing aids can do.

When discussing Own Voice Processing (OVP™), Joe wrote: “It essentially eliminates any artificial flavor to the sound of your own voice. That echoey nature of your own voice vanishes. Moreover, with the directional nature of the mics, your overall perception of sound direction seems enhanced.”

He highlighted his new Pure 13 Nx hearing aids for their music streaming: “What an experience! The spatial awareness, as well as the clarity and detail of music, is simply amazing.”

Additionally, Joe was very pleased with the myControl™ App and the many new features like the ability to manage the tinnitus therapy signal, change programs and mic direction based on motion, and better management of automatic special configurations.

Joe also tested out our accessories like StreamLine TV (“it simply sounds great”) and StreamLine Mic (“this is a game changer”).

Overall, Joe summed up his experience with Pure 13 Nx: “Honestly, these are a stunning piece of tech.”

You can check out the full, in-depth review on Joe’s Geek Fest.