StreamLine Mic: Connectivity and Streaming for All Smartphones

The revolutionary natural sound of Signia Nx hearing aids is now available with direct connectivity to any Bluetooth® device – whether phone, PC, or laptop. With the introduction of Signia’s new StreamLine Mic accessory, your Signia Nx hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity transform into state-of-the-art devices able to stream sound from any smartphone — yes, now including Android™!

Coupling your hearing aids to StreamLine Mic provides three main benefits:

1) Turn hearing aids into universal headphones

Like many hearing aid wearers, you probably want to stream your favorite music, videos, podcasts, or audiobooks into your ears in high-quality stereo. But until now, this experience has been hampered by having to use only certain types of smartphones due to compatibility restrictions.

With the new StreamLine Mic, you can enjoy a universal streaming experience from any Bluetooth-enabled device – Apple® or Android-based. It turns your Signia Nx hearing aids into state-of-the-art headphones for the ultimate stereo listening experience.

2) Wireless headsets for phone calls

With StreamLine Mic, your hearing aids become a hands-free mobile headset. Whether you prefer to stream phone calls via Bluetooth or make calls online through Skype or WhatsApp, your hearing aids stream these calls into both ears so you can understand your conversation partner as clearly as possible.

You can easily accept these calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Even while streaming sound from your TV into the hearing aids via the StreamLine TV accessory, you can instantly take calls without having to turn off the TV sound manually. Your hearing aids will automatically pick up the audio of the call, and switch back to the TV audio when the call ends.

3) Hear better in challenging situations

You may struggle to hear clearly in difficult, crowded situations, such as meetings, conferences, lectures, or family celebrations. However, with the new StreamLine Mic and its remote microphone functionality, it becomes easy to hear in these challenging listening environments.

The remote microphone functionality enables you to stream a speaker’s voice directly into your hearing aids from a distance of more than 60 feet away. As a result, you hear the speaker as clearly as if they were standing right next to you. The advantages of this superior speech comprehension in noisy situations are available to everyone who complements their Bluetooth-enabled Signia Nx hearing aids with the new StreamLine Mic.

Learn more about the new StreamLine Mic at: https://www.signiausa.com/signia-hearing-aids/apps-and-accessories/streamline-mic/