Signia hearing aids presents the Pure 13 BT, our first made for iPhone hearing aid that delivers effortless hearing to support your individual lifestyle.

The New Pure 13 BT: A Revolution in Precise Hearing

Experience effortless hearing tailored to your individual lifestyle, whether you are taking it easy or on the move.

Your hearing experience just got even better thanks to Signia’s new Bluetooth®-driven hearing aid — Pure® 13 BT. Our first made for iPhone® hearing aids deliver effortless hearing* to support your individual lifestyle. Stay connected to everything that matters, whether you are taking it easy or on the move.

Pure 13 BT is the world’s first hearing aid to go beyond the advantages of direct streaming to also improve your overall hearing experience. Together with the accompanying myControl™ App, Pure 13 BT revolutionizes precise hearing while you’re walking, jogging, or traveling by car. The days of having to choose between hearing your best in busy daily situations and enjoying the best possible connection to your electronic devices are over.

Hear better while on the move

Pure 13 BT provides an optimal listening experience by using the myControl App’s motion information, taken from your iPhone’s motion sensors, to automatically adjust to different situations. For example, when you are walking in a noisy environment, the app makes your hearing aids focus not just on the words of your conversation partner but also pick up unobtrusive ambient sounds, such as traffic, for increased safety. When you are traveling in a vehicle, the hearing aids switch into car mode immediately to suppress noise and focus on the sounds important to hear, like your passenger’s speech — or the sound of screeching brakes.

In addition to this revolutionary motion technology, Pure 13 BT and the myControl App offer these additional major advantages:

Sound exposure: Look after your hearing health. Similar to a fitness tracker, the hearing aids and app create a personal sound profile, over time and based on your exposure to noise, so you can learn how to protect your hearing.
Music: Listen to your favorite music streamed directly into your hearing aids for an outstanding audio experience.
Phone calls: Stream phone calls directly from your iPhone into your hearing aids for complete convenience.
Television: Enjoy the high-quality sound of your favorite film or TV program fed into your hearing aids by the StreamLine TV accessory, and adjust the volume conveniently with the myControl App.
Tinnitus relief: Like all of our top-of-the-line hearing aids, Pure 13 BT helps you tune out tinnitus with its unique, built-in tinnitus therapy features.

* Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SPEECH and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.