Robert Maier is a working man with hearing loss. Follow along as his Signia hearing aids with SPEECH help him enjoy a more relaxing day.

SPEECH: Relaxed Hearing for a Relaxing Day

The day gets off to a hectic start for Robert Maier, a working man in his early fifties who started losing his hearing about five years ago. Follow along as the SPEECH function in his hearing aids helps him enjoy a more relaxing day.

The day gets off to a hectic start for Robert Maier*, a working man in his early fifties who started losing his hearing about five years ago. Between the morning traffic report, his kids complaining, and his wife, Anne, asking, “Would you like some more coffee?” from the other end of the table, Robert has a lot to listen to and decipher all at once.

Thanks to his new Signia smart hearing aids with innovative SPEECH technology, Robert can hear Anne’s question clearly. That’s because SPEECH knows to assess input from background sounds like the radio playing, dishwasher running, plates clattering, and kids’ bantering and decrease their volume. Anne’s voice is detected automatically as the relevant speech source, so her voice is amplified. This helps Robert concentrate on what he wants to hear at the moment: Anne’s question. Robert not only gets to enjoy another cup of coffee, his day is off to a stress-free start.

An easy commute

Robert carpools with his co-worker, Dan, to the office. It’s a warm morning and the windows are down. Dan asks if Robert caught yesterday’s game on TV last night and what he thought about how the referees handled a controversial play. Despite rush hour traffic and wind noise, Robert can hear Dan effortlessly. The advanced technology in his hearing aids suppresses the competing noises and emphasizes Dan’s voice clearly. Cars whooshing by, a passing ambulance siren blaring, and wind whistling are diminished by the SPEECH function.

Even if they pick up another carpool member who then engages in a cellphone conversation in the back seat, SPEECH technology knows to isolate only Dan’s voice, because it’s coming from the person with whom Robert is conversing.

An (almost) stress-free day at the office

Robert also enjoys greater listening comfort at work. When he talks to a colleague who drops by his cubicle, her voice is amplified and the sounds of other conversations, clicking keyboards, and running copiers are diminished. This allows Robert to easily understand his colleague’s questions about a late order and respond appropriately, making his morning less stressful.

Later, when Robert’s manager holds a meeting with the whole department, Robert doesn’t have to strain to hear him from the other end of the large conference room ― even though a couple of Robert’s colleagues are whispering next to him about who is to blame for the late order and what might happen to them. It’s a good thing, too, because the manager suddenly asks Robert a question about how the situation was handled. Imagine how awkward it would have been if he’d not responded because he couldn’t hear, or worse, answered a wholly unrelated question because he’d misunderstood! Instead, Robert is applauded for his quick and effective response to the crisis. A difficult day at the office made easier, thanks to SPEECH.

A pleasant ending to a full day

Going out to restaurants with friends has never been much fun for Robert. Between the waiter taking orders, Anne and their companions laughing and talking over one another, and the conversations from surrounding tables, it used to be hard for him to enjoy these evenings. He often felt left out of the fun and exhausted by the strain required to keep up with conversations.

However, with SPEECH on the job, Robert can listen to his friends without struggling to understand what they’re saying. So he now he laughs at Bill’s jokes, because he actually hears them and finds them funny, instead of just laughing because everyone else is even though he missed the punch line. And he listens to Sally bragging a mile a minute about her son’s latest achievement at school and comments appropriately, instead of nodding silently and hoping he looks like he’s understanding. He can even sit back and focus on the music the restaurant is playing in the background, and draw his tablemates’ attention to the oldie-but-goody tune that just came on. Thanks to his Signia hearing aids with SPEECH, Robert gets to fully participate in a fun night out and then go home without feeling fatigued from straining to hear all day long.



*We invented Robert Maier for story telling reasons but all situations depicted could occur as explained in real life.