SlashGear Reviews Signia primax

Being part of the Signia team, we can’t gush enough about our primax™ hearing aids! But it’s another matter when a well-known and independent tech reviewer tries out our hearing aids and calls them, “One of the most advanced wearable devices.”

This is exactly how SlashGear.com titled their detailed review of Insio™ and Pure® primax. Now, the author admits upfront that he doesn’t have hearing loss. But what makes his review so insightful is the way he describe his experiences with our hearing aids. He also provides excellent descriptions of hearing aid types, functionalities, and capabilities from a consumer’s point of view.

As a busy guy, the reviewer tested his hearing aids in a wide variety of listening situations: in a car, at busy restaurants, at an outdoor concert, and in wind. He carefully describes how primax performs in each of these situations and explains why he prefers the Insio completely-in-canal (CIC) model over the Pure receiver-in-canal (RIC).

Hearing Aids

At the end of his review, he concludes, “Will I continue to wear my hearing aids daily? For all the reasons in this review, ABSOLUTELY.”  We can’t think of higher praise!

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