Signia hearing aids introduces Silk, a new line of ready-to-wear, in-the-ear hearing aids for comfort, discretion,and full-features.

Silk: No One Will See It But You Will Hear It

Our new Silk primax is an ultra-small in-the-ear hearing aid. The best thing about it? It fits right out of the box! Just give it a try!

We know what you want — hearing aids that are as discreet as possible, but still effective enough to help you hear and understand well again. Hearing aids that you can easily try out right in your hearing care professional‘s office and take home with you immediately if you like them. That is why we developed our new Silk™ primax™ in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids. They fit deep in the ear canal for the utmost discretion, and thanks to their innovative Click Sleeve made of soft silicone (available in sizes to fit most ears) they’re also very comfortable and secure.

We know that many people with hearing loss still shy away from hearing aids. Many are concerned that wearing visible hearing aids will make their hearing loss obvious to everyone. Those who have considered ITE hearing aids for reasons of discretion worry that the fitting will be complicated or the hearing aids will feel uncomfortable. Silk hearing aids represent our discreet, simple, and comfortable solution to all these concerns.

Silk is easy to handle, too

Handling Silk is as simple as wearing it. We have produced a few short videos showing you how to insert and remove Silk, how to clean Silk and the Click Sleeve, and how to exchange the Click Sleeve. With Silk, your life doesn’t have to change just because your hearing does.

Top technology for unbeatable hearing

The benefits of our latest hearing aid technology, primax, provides clear and effortless hearing you can experience from Day One. Silk is the result of cutting-edge technology based on our decades of experience developing fully-featured hearing aids. With Silk, you will hear and understand well again, but that’s far from all. Thanks to features like the built-in music programs, you’ll also enjoy your favorite music again. If you wish, you can stream sound directly from your TV or home stereo system into your hearing aids using our TV Transmitter.

All of this is possible with our ultra-small Silk. Just give it a try!