Signia’s New Hearing Aid Technology: primax

Last week, we shared the press release introducing primax™, our most advanced generation of smart hearing aids to date. This week, we’d like to tell you more about the features that make these hearing aids so powerful, they’re actually clinically-proven to reduce listening effort throughout the day while providing better than normal hearing in challenging environments*. 

Hearing without strain

Hearing is a complex process and can be very demanding on the brain, especially if you have hearing loss. Everything you hear is constantly evaluated by your brain, which identifies relevant information and detaches it from the irrelevant. So, the more complex the sounds in a sentence the harder it is for you to understand. A high level of hearing strain can cause stress ― making you feel tired, drained, and challenged to concentrate. With innovative technology, primax hearing aids are able to single out the target speaker’s voice from background noise, so that listening effort is significantly reduced.

Effortlessly follow every conversation

Many daily situations can present enormous challenges for those with imperfect hearing. Background noise makes following your conversation partner more difficult. Scenarios like a family breakfast, a conversation at a noisy train station, or a chat in a street café create challenging hearing situations in which the SPEECH function can be beneficial. It localizes the speaker of interest and reduces sound interference from the environment. Whether your conversation partner is standing directly in front of or next to you, or is sitting further down the table with other people, you’ll always hear their voice clearly and distinctly. 

A whole new music experience

You might like to leave the radio on but playing in the background at home or in the car. However, when you go to a concert, listen to your favorite recordings at home, or play an instrument, you probably want to concentrate on the music fully. primax dedicated programs can adjust your hearing aid settings accordingly. Compared to speech, music has larger variations in signal frequency and level characteristics. Signia hearing aids feature HD Music programs uniquely designed to enrich the sound quality of music whether it is playing live, through a stereo system, or during an onstage performance. 

Make phone calls with ease

Cell phones have become our constant companions whether for business or personal use. Challenging listening environments, such as on a busy street or in strong winds, make it more difficult to understand what your conversation partner is saying. The new TwinPhone function makes these phone calls easier to conduct, no matter what’s going on around you. As soon as a primax hearing aid detects a phone nearby it turns on the phone program automatically. Not only is the phone signal heard in the ear next to the phone receiver, it’s also transferred to the hearing aid in the opposite ear. This ensures a high level of speech understanding even in noisy environments.

Easy listening even in reverberant rooms

Besides noisy public places, locations with reverberation make it difficult to understand speech. Rooms with hard surfaces like bare walls and marble floors reflect more sound than rooms with carpets, drapes, and similar items that reduce echo. These annoying echoes don’t only occur in places you spend short amounts of time, such as a foyer, but can also affect larger spaces like classrooms. The EchoShield function in primax hearing aids reduces interference due to reverberation, ensuring speech signals are clear and listening effort reduced.

High performance, low energy consumption

Top technology doesn’t guarantee energy efficient products. Although there are high-performance chip and complex functions included in our primax hearing aids, intelligent processes reduces power drain, which in turn preserves battery life. And if you choose one of our rechargeable hearing aid models, you’ll only have to change batteries an average of once a year.