Signia hearing aids shares a recent positive review of their Pure 13 BT hearing aids as published by The Hearing Tracker.

Signia Pure 13 BT Detailed Hearing Aid Review

We're excited to share another review of our Pure 13 BT hearing aids by Constantine Grantcharov of The Hearing Tracker, a reviewer who also has hearing loss. Here's what he had to say.

We’re excited to share another review of our Pure 13 BT hearing aids! Here are some excerpts from the review by Constantine Grantcharov of The Hearing Tracker, who besides being an expert reviewer actually has hearing loss:

“Over the last two months, I’ve had the opportunity to wear another top-of-the-line hearing aid — the Pure 13 BT from Signia. Hearing Tracker and Signia worked together to organize and support this trial with the hopes of providing hearing aid users a glimpse into the latest innovations in hearing aid technology. As an unbiased user with no affiliation to the hearing industry, the contents of this article are derived entirely through my personal experience.”

“The words that come to mind when describing the Pure 13 BT are: rugged and sturdy. The shell seems strong enough to sustain the accidental drop, exposure to the elements, or an active lifestyle. It does come with the option to use domes or molds for the receiver in the ear.”

“The Universal Program on the Pure 13 BT faired well with providing a good general listening experience in most day-to-day environments. I thought the Noisy Environment and the Reverberant (i.e. echoey) Room programs stood out in making speech easy to understand in their respective operating environments without sacrificing background noise. The sound was well balanced between speech and noise, and made communication in those environments relatively easy. The specific use cases for testing these features were: talking with my wife in the car over the radio, dining in a loud restaurant, and conversing in the middle of a bustling mall.”

“One interesting feature on the Pure 13  BT worthy of mentioning is the Spatial Configurator, which gives one the ability to focus the hearing aid’s microphones towards a specific sound source. I didn’t have to use it very often, but when I did it certainly made listening to a specific sounds easier. This feature is particularly useful in noisy environments where the hearing aid may not be smart enough to figure out what exactly you’re trying to listen to or tune out.”

“The Pure 13 BT was a great introduction to Signia’s hearing aids for me, and I look forward to future developments in their product portfolio. Thank you to Hearing Tracker and Signia for their support in making this review possible.”

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