Signia myHearing App and Cellion primax Hearing Aid Selected as CES Innovation Awards Honorees

Signia, the new name for Siemens hearing aids, has been selected as an Honoree in three different product categories of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 Innovation Awards, again confirming our place as an innovation leader in the field of audiology. The awards celebrate outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products.

Signia’s myHearing™ smartphone app has been selected as an Innovation Awards Honoree in the Software and Mobile Apps product category. myHearing is the patient-facing element of the revolutionary Signia TeleCare solution – a breakthrough innovation setting new standards in hearing care. TeleCare enables hearing care professionals to continuously monitor the personal progress of a new wearer, communicate with them via text or voice, and if necessary, provide certain setting changes remotely via Signia TeleLink technology. The myHearing app enables novice wearers to adjust to their new hearing aids by providing feedback about their day-to-day listening experiences.

Picking up two awards is Signia’s Cellion™ primax™ – the world’s first contact-free rechargeable hearing aid with a lithium-ion power cell. Cellion has been selected as an Innovation Awards Honoree in two categories: Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies and Accessible Tech. The new device reduces by hundreds the number of batteries normally required during a hearing aid’s service life. Its power cell provides listening pleasure for up to two days on a single charge and can be fully recharged in just four hours. Wearers never have to change hearing aid batteries again.

Contact your hearing care professional to learn more about Cellion primax hearing aids and Signia’s free myHearing App.