business people networking - hearing in background noise


Signia Hearing Aids Featured in WIRED Magazine

Imagine running an organization that hosts large conferences, but having difficulty hearing at such events.

For Dan Kohn, a tech industry entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, that was the reality he faced due to his hearing loss and trouble understanding people in background noise.

Dan shares his story in a new article in WIRED Magazine. The piece asked several business leaders about the technology they love, and Dan touted his Pure® Charge&Go hearing aids.

In particular, he benefits from better hearing, Bluetooth® connectivity, beamforming technology, and, overall, stronger connections with other people. As Dan commented about being at a conference with his Signia hearing aids, “It really felt different to be in that noisy environment and not have to focus on making out her words, but instead just try to connect with a human being.”

You can read Dan’s full story here: https://www.wired.com/story/why-we-love-tech-better-humans/

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