Gear Diary Reviews Signia Pure primax

Judie Stanford of Gear Diary is yet another well-known technology reviewer who recently tested out Signia Pure® primax™ hearing aids. And her verdict is, “Signia has made hearing aids sexy; no really!”

As someone who grew up with a mother who wore hearing aids, Judie knows firsthand how far hearing aids have come in terms of not only appearance but also the technology. In her review, she highlights a long list of features that shows just how the old-fashioned “ear trumpets” have come to be known as wearable devices that are modern and powerful, not to mention sexy!

She tested out the Signia Pure primax and its many features in the kinds of places everyday consumers might find themselves in, including a noisy bar.

“A great way to test SPEECH is by wearing the hearing aids in a noisy bar. Using the touchControl App (available in the Apple App Store or Google Play), you can actually have a normal conversation with your friend or friends by elevating the speech of the person you want to listen to with the use of the touchControl App. Signia likens this to a ‘sound wave tractor beam’ that you can aim in the direction you want to focus your hearing — and it works!”

Similar to Desire, a hard of hearing teenager who says hearing aids helped in establishing her superhero mentality, Judie goes on to say, “There are so many things that you can do with the Signia Pure primax hearing aids and their accessories, that wearing them doesn’t feel so much like a chore, but more as a nearly invisible bionic enhancement.”

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