Really? You Wear Hearing Aids?


“Hearing aids? Maybe, but only if no one notices them.” Many patients newly-diagnosed with hearing loss feel this way ― they want to hear better but they don’t want the fact they’re wearing hearing aids to be obvious. Signia hearing aids not only disappear unobtrusively in or behind the ear, they can also be discreetly operated with a smartphone.

For example, our Ace™ hearing aid is no bigger than a fingertip, and sits comfortably and almost imperceptibly behind your outer ear. You can choose Ace in a color to match your hair, so even with a short haircut it can only be seen if someone knows to look for it.

The same is true for our Insio™ completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid. This model of mini-hearing aid vanishes almost imperceptibly into your ear canal and offers the highest level of discretion.

Easier understanding with the latest technology

Although they are small, Ace and Insio hearing aids provide maximum comfort. Both models use our latest primax™ hearing technology: they focus on and automatically highlight your conversation partner’s speech while reducing incidental and background noise of all kinds. This way, listening to and understanding speech ― even in environments like noisy, crowded restaurants ― requires less concentration, which in turn reduces the listening fatigue that both people with normal hearing and hearing difficulties often experience.

Discreet remote adjustments with your smartphone

Another plus: Ace and Insio hearing aids can be operated via smartphone for even greater discretion. Our easyTek™ and touchControl™ apps are available for iOS® or Android™ phones free of charge from the Apple® App and Google Play™ online stores. These can be used to adjust volume or tone, change the hearing program, or activate and regulate the integrated tinnitus therapy feature. You can make these adjustments while others simply assume you’re checking e-mails or texting.

So, don’t let the concern that your hearing aids will be obvious to others keep you from treating your hearing loss. You can hear clearly again and enjoy the utmost in discretion with Signia hearing aids and accessories.