Presidents with Hearing Loss

We know US presidents as the respected individuals who lead our country. A lot of them have faced the same health problems as many ordinary Americans, including hearing loss.

In recognition of the inauguration, here are a list of presidents who were affected by hearing loss:

Other presidential associations with hearing loss

Other US presidents experienced some type of hearing loss and/or worked to raise awareness and promote healthy hearing.

Abraham Lincoln helped establish Gallaudet, a school for the deaf and hard of hearing, as a collegiate institution by signing a bill into law in 1894. All of the graduates’ diplomas to this day get signed by the current president.

James Garfield gave his last speech at Gallaudet University (then-College) before being assassinated. He succeeded in deflecting opposition by numerous congressional members who viewed the institution as a “white elephant”.

More recently, George H.W. Bush signed the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act into law, which prohibited discrimination against people with disabilities, including hearing loss, in situations like employment or public service.

It is never a bad idea to check you hearing and then have it formally tested and, if necessary, treated. As these presidents could/can attest, healthy hearing promotes a healthy life.