New Atlas Reviews Pure primax and easyTek

Will Shanklin of New Atlas tried out Signia Pure® primax™ hearing aids a couple months back. In doing so, he provided some of his first hand impressions of a number of features such as SPEECH and our HD Music program as well as our easyTek™ accessory.

The reviewer revealed early on that he has “normal” hearing, but even as someone who doesn’t have hearing loss, he noticed a significant drop in mental strain while wearing the hearing aids. “Though there’s nothing medically wrong with my hearing, enhancing it still reduces listening strain that I didn’t even know I had. I personally feel more relaxed and centered by having a heightened awareness of my environment. When my audio environment is profoundly acute to me at all times, with no effort required to pick even subtle details up, my muscles relax and I speak more softly.”

While testing out SPEECH, he wrote, “While wearing the hearing aids with the automatic setting turned on, everything I wanted to hear sounded just as enhanced as I’d want it to be, with no background noise getting in the way.”

At the end of his review, he goes on to say, “If you’re looking for hearing enhancement, and you’ve previously run into problems with other products not adjusting well to amplify what you want, or not giving you enough control over your audio experience, perhaps Signia primax will be worth trying.”

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