New Accessories for Premium Comfort

A hearing aid accessory is something that you might not think of as a need. But the right accessory often makes life with hearing aids considerably easier and more enjoyable. This is especially true of our new accessories for Signia hearing aids: the TV Transmitter and miniPocket remote control. 

Enjoy watching TV more than ever with the TV Transmitter

Watching television can be especially challenging when you have hearing loss, but at the same time it is an essential part of life. The new TV Transmitter from Signia masters this challenge. The successor to our previous transmitter, it now includes an optical input in addition to stereo and RCA, so it can be connected to any modern TV or stereo system. We’ve also completely revised its operation to make it even more user-friendly. The result? The TV Transmitter transmits the audio directly into your hearing aids via the proven easyTek™ accessory. easyTek is the tried and true interface for connecting your Signia hearing aids to all modern communication devices and consumer electronics via Bluetooth®. Now you can easily understand dialogue and enjoy your favorite programs at whatever volume you prefer. Now you won’t drive other viewers out of the room because the TV volume is turned up too loud. This makes watching TV or listening to music on your stereo a pleasure — for everyone. 

Discreetly control your hearing aids with the miniPocket

Our hearing aids make most adjustments to hearing situations automatically, but now and again you might want to adjust the volume or change a hearing program yourself. While many users will utilize one of our free hearing aid smartphone apps, we know not everyone has a smartphone. That’s why we came up with the new miniPocket remote control, which looks like a key chain and can also be discreetly worn as such. Because all of the buttons were designed and placed in their logical positions, the miniPocket can remain in your pocket for even greater subtlety while making adjustments. Simply press the button at the top to raise volume, the one at the bottom to lower it, or the one in the middle to change programs. It can’t get any easier or more discreet than that.

Our various accessories can be used with virtually all Signia primax™ hearing aids, depending on the model. Your hearing care professional can advise you as to which devices would work best with your particular hearing aids, hearing needs, and lifestyle preferences.