There are many myths about hearing aids that may prevent you from getting the help you need. Learn the truths behind these hearing aid myths.


Myths and Facts About Hearing Aids

Don’t be misled by hearing aid myths! Get the truth about hearing devices and dispel the most common myths surrounding hearing aids.

Despite millions of people experiencing some form of hearing loss, wearing hearing aids is still surrounded by mystery. Unfortunately, myths about hearing loss and related treatments mean that fewer than 25% of people with hearing loss in the U.S. benefit from the treatment they need.

If you want to find out the truth about wearing hearing aids, take a look at these top myths and why they don’t hold up in reality.

Myth #1: Hearing aids are ugly and bulky

Many people assume that hearing aids are big, bulky, and noticeable by everyone. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth! With a variety of hearing aid styles available, you’ll find that they’re much smaller and less noticeable than you think

The Signia Silk hearing aid is designed to be discreet. As one of the world’s smallest hearing aids, it sits completely inside your ear canal. With no external components, the Silk hearing aid is nearly impossible to detect.

Meanwhile, the award-winning Styletto Connect from Signia is slim and sleek, combining modern design with the latest technology for advanced connectivity and functions. Available in a range of color combinations, you can complement your signature style with these advanced hearing aids.

Myth #2: Hearing aids are for old people

This is one of the most widespread hearing aid myths. Although age-related hearing loss is common, people of all ages experience hearing loss. Even some small children require hearing devices to improve their hearing function, so it certainly isn’t something only connected to old age.

There are many reasons why younger people might require hearing aids: exposure to loud noises, excessive use of headphones at loud volumes, or simply being born with reduced hearing function. No matter your age, there are hearing aids to suit everyone.

Myth #3: You can buy hearing aids cheaper online

It might be tempting to buy cheap hearing aids online, but you could be doing yourself more harm than good. When you buy hearing aids online, there’s simply no guarantee that you’re getting what you pay for or that you’re not being scammed.

Furthermore, hearing aids need to be fitted and adjusted by a hearing care professional. When you visit your nearest Signia hearing aid provider, a hearing care professional will assess your needs, prescribe appropriate treatment, and ensure your hearing aids fit perfectly.

As well as enhancing your hearing function, this increases comfort and ‘wearability’ too. Most hearing aid users rely on their devices for many hours every day, so why take the risk? With options to suit all budgets, visiting a hearing care professional is the best way to access cost-effective treatments and hearing aids.

To find out more, why not visit your nearest Signia provider?

Myth #4: Hearing aids didn’t work for my friend, so they won’t work for me

Everyone’s hearing function is different, so your needs are going to be dramatically different from anyone else’s. If hearing aids weren’t effective for a friend or family member, this doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. They may have had a disappointing experience due to the type of hearing aid they tried or lack of professional fitting, for example.

When your hearing function is assessed by a hearing care professional, they can determine exactly what type of hearing loss you are experiencing. This enables them to determine which type of hearing aid will be most effective when it comes to enhancing your auditory experience.

In addition, a hearing care professional will take the time to adjust your hearing aids to precisely meet your unique needs. This makes a major difference to the functionality of your hearing aids and will ensure you get maximum benefit from your hearing devices.

Myth #5: Hearing aids fix your hearing perfectly

No hearing aid can completely restore your hearing function, but advanced hearing aids can certainly help. Getting the best results from your hearing aids depends on the device you choose and how it’s fitted. This is why it’s crucial to seek advice from a reputable hearing care provider.

Although there is a wide range of hearing aids on the market, not all will be best suited to the type of hearing loss you experience. Furthermore, some styles may be a better fit for the shape of your ears.

With help from a knowledgeable healthcare professional, you can determine which hearing aids will improve your hearing function the most. Every hearing aid also needs to be programmed, so that it can work optimally. This will improve your auditory experience and ensure your hearing aids give you the best results.

When you visit a hearing care professional, they will also take the time to determine what features are most important to you, which means your hearing aids will be user-friendly, fun, and functional.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids

With so many hearing aid myths floating about, it’s not surprising that you might be unsure about the truth. Many people don’t realize how much hearing aid technology has advanced, which means they’re missing out on the benefits they can offer.

The best way to dispel the myths and find out the truth is to hear it for yourself. Visiting a Signia hearing aid provider will give you the opportunity to talk to a hearing care professional and learn how hearing aids can help you. From nearly invisible hearing aids to mobile phone and Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be amazed at what the latest hearing devices can do!

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