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Meet Mat Hench, 24-Year-Old Hearing Aid Wearer

Many people think that hearing loss only affects the older generation. But plenty of young people develop hearing loss, too. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that 1.1 billion people between the ages of 12 and 35 are at risk of hearing loss.

While people with poor vision wouldn’t hesitate to get glasses, the same isn’t true about hearing aids. Stigma around wearing hearings aids still exists, which can stop people from getting the solutions to help them hear.

Mat Hench, a 24-year-old physical therapy assistant and popular YouTuber, is an exception. He isn’t ashamed of his hearing aids, and he wants others to embrace their hearing aids as well. For this reason, Mat is one of Signia’s Everyday Heroes: a group of Signia hearing aid users who are proud to wear hearing aids and eager to share why others should treat their hearing loss.

Mat’s journey to better hearing

24-year-old hearing aid wearer

Childhood bouts with chronic ear infections took a toll on Mat’s hearing. But when his doctor suggested that he get hearing aids, he was afraid of how he would be perceived.

After years of trying to hide his hearing loss, Mat finally got a pair of Signia’s Styletto Connect hearing aids. With Bluetooth® connectivity to his phone, portable rechargeability, and other high-tech features – combined with their sleek shape – Mat benefits from hearing aids that fit his active lifestyle.

Given how they have improved his life, Mat’s only regret is not getting hearing aids sooner.

“I’ll never forget the experience of finally being fitted with the Styletto Connect and how my sense of hearing came alive. Basically, I was convinced that no one in the world could hear as well as me. I felt superhuman.”

Learn more about Mat and the rest of Signia’s Everyday Heroes: https://www.signiausa.com/everydayheroes/

You can also check out Mat’s testimonial to get the full story of his hearing loss journey.

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