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Meet Mark Alyn, Master Storyteller and Radio Host with Hearing Loss

As host of a health-focused radio show, Mark has spent years helping people take care of their health. But when his hearing diminished, his family had to step in to make sure he got the help he needed.

Raising the volume of the TV, asking people to repeat themselves, or telling others that they’re mumbling are all signs of hearing loss. As a result, the people closest to you (e.g., those who ask you to turn down the TV, get tired of repeating themselves, and tell you they aren’t mumbling) are the first to recognize you may be losing your hearing.

Such was the case with Mark Alyn, age 67, an award-winning radio host, producer, and Signia Everyday Hero. Mark is the host of Late Night Health, a radio show that empowers listeners to take charge of their own health.

Despite his years of giving other people advice about their health, Mark’s family had some advice for him. After his hearing had declined, his family staged an intervention about his hearing loss. This was the push he needed to finally take care of his hearing health.

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As Marks says about his hearing loss, “it makes you insular like you’re on an island and that’s what I was becoming – more and more isolated.”

To Mark’s point, there is a clear risk of depression caused by the social isolation the stems from hearing loss. A study by The National Council on Aging found that adults age 50 and older with untreated hearing loss were more likely to have depression, anxiety, and paranoia and less likely to participate in social activities, compared to those with hearing aids.

Following his family’s intervention, Mark made an appointment with a hearing care professional, who recommended Signia’s Pure Charge&Go Nx hearing aids. Since wearing them, his life has changed completely:

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Once I was fitted for hearing aids, I went out to one of the citrus trees in my backyard and I heard the birds chirping and bees buzzing. I was amazed. These hearing aids are a godsend.”

Learn more about Mark and the rest of Signia’s Everyday Heroes at: https://www.signiausa.com/everydayheroes/

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