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Meet Darren Carroll: A Police Officer with Hearing Loss

Whether at work or with your family and friends, hearing loss can make these situations difficult. Learn how hearing aids helped Darren overcome his hearing loss to hear what matters most.

It’s estimated that about 15% of American adults, or 38 million people, have some level of hearing loss. If left untreated, the effects of hearing loss can be far ranging, from straining relationships with family and friends, to affecting your career. And the longer treatment is put off, the more damaging the effects of hearing loss can be.

But as police officer, volunteer firefighter, and Signia Everyday Hero Darren Carroll experienced, the right hearing aids can help you hear what you’ve been missing.

Darren’s hearing loss story

Darren has devoted his professional life to public service. He has been a police officer for the last seven years, and a volunteer firefighter for 20 years. But for this busy husband and father of three kids, hearing loss was increasingly affecting his life.

Although Darren’s hearing had gotten worse in recent years, his hearing issues started during his childhood by way of a double ear infection. As time progressed, so has the hearing loss, making it more difficult to hear his family and his colleagues, who encouraged him to do something about his hearing.

The gift of better hearing

Rather than continue to miss out on the important things, Darren got a pair of Styletto Connect hearing aids. They have drastically improved his hearing. Whether out on patrol, answering fire calls, or at home talking with his young children, Darren can hear it all. Even when out to dinner, he can hear conversations at other tables – but most importantly – the people he’s talking to. And he’s proud to say that his hearing is at the same level as his colleagues, if not better.

As Darren explains, “The Styletto Connect is very small and light. It’s unlike any hearing aid I’ve ever seen. I keep reaching back to make sure they’re there. This is the best hearing I have had in my life. It’s such a gift.”

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