Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids with Hearing Loss

Now that it’s December, time is running out to go holiday shopping for the important people in your life. And if your list includes a child with hearing loss, you may be wondering what to get them. To help you figure out the perfect gift, we’ve assembled a list of ideas that will put a smile on any kid’s face this holiday season.

Gifts to help them communicate

There are several gifts you can give children with hearing loss that are designed to help the way they learn and grow. Forinstance, you may choose one of the many apps and games specially designed to help kids with hearing loss by supporting language development and listening skills. Regular board games are also great gifts, since they teach important skills like listening to directions and taking turns while reinforcing socialization. In addition, sensory toys are good ideas, providing different textural experiences that don’t require sound, while fostering motor skills and creativity.


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Items to raise their self-esteem

As kids may be self-conscious about their hearing aids, consider giving them something to help their self-esteem. Several mainstream toys come with hearing aid accessories, like American Girl dolls and Build-A-Bear stuffed animals. Meanwhile, organizations like #ToyLikeMe provide resources on how to combine regular toys with plastic hearing aid accessories so you can turn any toy into a unique gift that celebrates a kid’s differences. Books also make great gifts, and there are several that specifically address hearing loss, the challenges such kids face, and how hearing aids can help them.

Hearing aid accessories

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You can help kids with hearing loss embrace their hearing aids by getting them cool accessories. For example, special headbands or clips can protect hearing aids and keep them in place while playing sports or on the go, and portable cases keep their hearing aids safe when not in use. You can also get them stickers to personalize their devices and make them more fun.


It’s never too early to get kids involved in philanthropy. Many organizations help people with hearing loss, including children. Consider making a donation in a child’s name and explaining how it will help other kids hear better.  Your youngster will learn a valuable lesson about the importance of giving as well as receiving gifts during the holiday season, and experience the joy of helping others.

Other things to keep in mind

While the above are great ideas, don’t feel obligated to make your gift related to the child’s hearing loss. After all, like most kids, they’ll appreciate any age-appropriate gift you give them. However, there are a few gifts you probably shouldn’t give a kid with hearing loss, such as toys with unsafe noise levels that may further damage their hearing.

As the countdown to the holidays continues, time is running out to do your shopping. Hopefully this list gives you some new ideas on what to get any child with hearing loss to make their holiday – and the year ahead – a little brighter. Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll share advice on what to get adults with hearing loss!