From items to improve safety to accessories that enhance how they use their hearing aids, consider Signia's holiday gift ideas for those with hearing loss.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Adults with Hearing Loss

Not sure what to get the big "kids" in your life who have hearing loss this holiday season? Consider these suggestions, from items that help them in their everyday lives to accessories to enhance how they use their hearing aids

In our previous post, we shared several ideas for what to get kids with hearing loss for the holidays. Well, you don’t want to forget about the big “kids” in your life! If you’re still thinking about what to get an adult with difficulty hearing during this special time of year, consider the following suggestions.

Sensory alarm clock

Since people generally don’t sleep with their hearing aids in, they might not hear their alarm clock go off in the morning. Fortunately, there are several options available that use other senses to wake sleepers. Some versions use vibrations — shaking the entire bed, just the pillow, or via a wristband. Other models rely on light simulating sunrise by having the light get gradually brighter to provide a more natural awakening.

Alert systems

As with alarm clocks, those with normal hearing take certain things for granted. Your friends and family with hearing loss might not hear the doorbell, or more importantly, a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. A digital doorbell connects to a smartphone, enabling the person to get an alert from their phone (and see live video of their doorstep) when someone rings the doorbell. Meanwhile, there are several emergency detection devices like smoke detectors that have louder-than-usual alarms, strobe lights, and wireless vibrating components to keep those with hearing loss safe and make sure they don’t miss out on important alerts.

Hearing aid accessories

Giving someone special in your life a gadget to enhance how they use their hearing aids would be a welcome addition. From remote controls to adjust their hearing aids discreetly and conveniently, to hearing aid batteries or (if they have rechargeable hearing aids) a recharging station that will dry and recharge their hearing aids overnight, several accessories will help them get the most out of their hearing aids.

Smart jewelry

For a more fashionable yet functional gift, consider a piece of smart jewelry. Since no one always has their phone on them, those with hearing loss might miss important calls or notifications. However, with smart jewelry like rings, bracelets, and watches that connect to their phone, your loved one benefits from receiving instant vibrating notifications directly to their hand.

Donation to worthy cause

We all know the adage, it’s better to give than to receive. So, if the person on your list already has all the latest gadgets and accessories, it’s a good idea to make a donation in their name. You can choose from any number of organizations that help people with hearing loss, while supporting a cause your loved one cares about.

If you’re still unsure what to get those in your life who have hearing loss, the above should help you find the perfect gift. From items that help them in their everyday lives to accessories to enhance how they use their hearing aids, any of the above will be welcome holiday gifts.