Hitting the Road with Hearing Aids

What happens when you run into a problem with your hearing aids while traveling and you are far away from your hearing care professional? The myHearing App is a solution to this issue.

Use the myHearing App to stay in touch with your hearing care professional

Summer is the best time for getting out to see the world or catch up with friends and family. But what happens when you run into a problem with your hearing aids while traveling and you are far away from your hearing care professional (HCP)?

In the past, travelers in these situations either had to scramble to find someone locally who could help or put up with the problem until they returned home and could see their HCP again. Now, with the advent of telehealth tools like the myHearing™ App, physical distance no longer poses a barrier between you and your HCP.

Communicate with your hearing care professional no matter where you are in the world

There’s an app for everything these days, even hearing aid maintenance and troubleshooting. The myHearing App connects hearing aid wearers with their HCP. You can text or call them when problems or questions arise via this smartphone app. In most cases just a few texts or a short call can resolve any concerns and put your mind at ease.

Have your hearing aid settings adjusted remotely by your hearing care professional

Sometimes a conversation is not enough and you’ll need adjustments made to your hearing aid settings. This is especially relevant when you are traveling and being exposed to new surroundings. The myHearing App allows your HCP to adjust your hearing aid settings remotely so you can fully enjoy your changing listening environments. You can accept and try out the new settings immediately to determine whether they’re sufficient or further adjustments are necessary. Minor fitting adjustments no longer have to take place in the HCP’s office, so you can continue enjoying your trip and hearing your best.

The answers may already be in the palm of your hand—literally

The myHearing App doesn’t just connect you to your HCP, it is also a handy information resource. The app contains useful information about the usage and maintenance of your hearing aids, and videos about hearing and hearing aid usage. It even features a troubleshooting guide to help you resolve some problems on your own.

The app is especially handy to have during the first few weeks and months of getting used to new hearing aids, which is typically when a closer connection to the HCP is most advantageous. It also includes progressive exercises for novice wearers to experience and rate new listening situations. In turn, the HCP can check on your daily wearing progress and reach out to offer advice or assistance when indicated.

The myHearing App provides numerous advantages when you are out of town. The app is compatible with all Signia primax™ hearing aids. So, before you pack your bags, ask your hearing care professional if they offer this unique service.