Include Coworkers with Hearing Loss During the Holidays

Though the holidays may be winding down, you might still have some gatherings with coworkers planned. And if you have a coworker with hearing loss, check out this re-post from last year about what you can do to make them feel included at your celebration.

Holiday season is upon us and so are holiday work festivities. And while the holidays are a great time to catch up with family, friends, and coworkers alike, they can also pose challenging listening situations for people with hearing loss.

Enable full participation at holiday parties

Imagine all of your coworkers gathered in a room for their yearly holiday work party. There are multiple conversations taking place, silverware clanking together, and music playing in the background. These kinds of listening situations can be challenging even for those with normal hearing.

A coworker with hearing loss can feel left out if they’re unable to take part in or keep up with the conversation. Consider these tips when attending a work party to ensure that anyone with hearing difficulties feels included:

No one likes to be left out of work festivities. For people with hearing loss holidays parties can be exhausting and overwhelming. By making these small adjustments and keeping your co-worker involved in the conversation, everyone can enjoy this year’s holiday celebration.