Rechargeable hearing aids with style and a sound worth hearing. All the things a travel photographer with hearing loss could want, Styletto delivers.

Styletto Lifestyles: The Travel Photographer

If you were a travel photographer like Kaito, you would want to do more than photograph scenes and people--you would want to enjoy the best life has to offer. Styletto hearing aids from Signia give people like Kaito the freedom to pursue their adventures.

After he was given a camera at the age of 14, Kaito found his passion: capturing photos of people, places, and events. Today, as an accomplished travel photographer, he spends his time photographing festivals, monuments, and historical sites around the world. However, he had concerns that his hearing loss would negatively impact his career and ability to travel. If you were a travel photographer like Kaito, Styletto’s unique design and portable charging would help you rest easy no matter where your travels take you.

A better battery, a better design

Styletto is built around a pin-shaped battery. While previous hearing aid models were limited to a few shapes, this innovation allows Styletto to achieve a sleeker, more stylish look. The lithium-ion battery means it delivers what people like Kaito need most: portable rechargeability. With the charging case, he can recharge his hearing aids anywhere. Whether he’s on a plane, at home, or in a hotel room, he doesn’t need to worry about power converters and charging cables.

Energy efficiency allows Kaito to wear his hearing aids all day before recharging them while he sleeps. This convenient handling gives him time to catch a train, photograph events, and mingle with other people. If his Stylettos ever run out of charge due to his long-distance travel or a lengthy stint at a festival, his portable charging case allows him to get a boost anywhere. The charging case offers three complete charges before needing to be charged itself. If he charges his hearing aids while he sleeps, this allows almost four days without having to go near a wall socket. This kind of freedom is exactly what Kaito needs to pursue his passion and capture it with his lens, wherever his travels bring him.

Style and sensibility

Hard of hearing people don’t have a lot of variety when it comes to how their hearing aids look. Signia aims to change this. By developing aesthetically pleasing hearing aids, we can offer people like Kaito a design that appeals to their sense of style. The unique shape of the hearing aid allows it to be hidden behind the ear, where it’s easily missed by others.

Styletto also doesn’t look like a traditional hearing aid, only appearing as a sleek piece of technology. This gives wearers like Kaito an extra degree of security and confidence while going about their life. Chances are, no one will even recognize that Kaito is wearing hearing aids.

When your lifestyle and career revolve around capturing the beauty in the world, it’s only natural to want a hearing aid that’s equally pleasing. Styletto comes in a number of colors, so wearers like Kaito can match their hearing aids to their personal aesthetics.

Interested in learning more about how Styletto can help you live life to the fullest? Find your nearest hearing care professional and start your journey to better hearing.