Hear Clearly in the Car with Bluetooth Motion Sensors

Road trips and summer go hand-in-hand. The hours spent together in a car are opportunities for friends and family to reconnect, and for lifetime memories to be made. But for those with hearing loss, having a conversation in the car can be very difficult.  The engine noise is loud, the wind noise and stereo are even louder, and the speaker rarely faces the listener.

Cars are a challenge even for hearing aid wearers

Cars are challenging listening environments even for many hearing aid wearers because ordinary means of improving speech understanding in noise are ineffective. In typical noisy situations traditional directional microphone systems can suppress sounds that come from the sides and back to help the wearer focus on speech sounds, which typically come from the front. But in a car speech often originates from the side or behind the listener, so in this case the usual microphone systems would actually make matters worse.

Modern hearing aids offer a solution

Thankfully, the latest hearing aid technology can help. Signia primax™ hearing aids know when you are in the car and can automatically steer a host of complex signal-processing algorithms to ensure better speech understanding.  Whether you are driving a quiet electric car through the city, or an down a bumpy country road, primax hearing aids can analyze the noise pattern the vehicle makes and determine that you are in a car.

As soon as the engine comes on, a primax directional microphone feature called Spatial SpeechFocus™ automatically engages and steers the microphone focus to follow the speaker to the front, back, or either side of the wearer. At the same time, it suppresses noise from other directions. This way, you can easily follow conversations in the car without turning your head—especially important if you’re the person driving.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids take it one step further

New Pure® 13 BT hearing aids are made for iPhone® and take advantage of iPhone features to help improve your hearing. They use Bluetooth® technology to capture motion sensor information collected by your iPhone. This motion data further improves the accuracy of the “car” situation detection and the automation of the hearing aids. Since our listening behavior and needs change depending on whether we are stationary or moving, motion data also helps improve hearing aid behavior outside of the car.

The latest motion-sensing and directional microphone technology in our Pure 13 BT hearing aids lets you fully participate in every conversation on that road trip. And when you’re ready for a break, of course your hearing aids can also directly stream music from your iPhone.