Signia presents Hear Across America, a month-long community hearing education, screening, and outreach initiative to promote hearing health.


Hear Across America: It’s Time to Get Your Hearing Checked!

Even if you stay on top of your health by eating right, exercising, and getting your annual physical, there’s an important health screening that’s often overlooked and could have a huge impact on your quality of life: your sense of hearing.

The Importance of Yearly Hearing Check-ups

According to the National Institutes of Health, 38 million Americans have hearing loss – and that number is increasing. Beyond ear injuries and infections, long-term exposure to harmful sound levels can cause hearing loss – no matter your age.

Yet most of us don’t have regular hearing screenings once we leave school. This can mean waiting too long – or remaining in denial – if we need help.

Unidentified hearing loss can cause a range of issues. Regardless of your age or line of work, proper hearing is crucial to not only our emotional well-being, but to our professional and personal lives as well.

Better Hearing and Speech Month

That’s why Signia is proud to join other hearing care organizations in observing Better Hearing Month, which is held each May to raise awareness about hearing, speech, and communication disorders.

Recognizing the need for more frequent hearing screenings among people of all ages, we’re pleased to present Hear Across America, a month-long community hearing education, screening, and outreach initiative. Our goals are:

  • to educate the public about the silent epidemic of hearing loss among all ages;
  • to shatter social stigmas related to hearing loss; and
  • to emphasize the importance of early intervention and treatment.

Free Hearing Screenings, Nationwide

As part of Hear Across America, free hearing screenings will be offered in 11 cities nationwide: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, San Diego, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington, DC.

Join us! You can visit https://www.signiausa.com/hear-across-america/ to reserve a screening time.

These screenings are provided by hearing care professionals and will determine if hearing loss is present. If hearing loss is identified, you’ll be advised regarding next steps for pursuing additional evaluation, as well as treatment. If your screening is normal, it will serve as a valuable baseline to measure any future hearing loss.

Unable to attend a free screening with our participating professionals? You can always use Signia’s online locator to find a hearing care professional near you – throughout May, or any time of year.

Taking a Stand

One of the biggest tools we have to fight hearing loss is education. So, we aim to create a conversation around early detection and the benefits of yearly hearing check-ups. Together, we can shatter outdated stigmas and take a stand against this silent epidemic.


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